9 Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

2. Surprise them with some raunchy fun

Just when your partner thinks you’re about to spend another quiet evening in front of the TV, surprise them with either the sexiest underwear you own, or distract them from whatever it is they are doing with some sexy music and a strip tease. Putting on a show will just be the beginning.

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3. Play a sexy game

Bed Buddies has plenty of sexy games in our games and novelties collections. From dice drawn with sexy pictures or commands to card and board games that push you out of your comfort zone. You will have a lot of fun exploring the possibilities that these games open up for you as a couple!

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4. Erotic massages, one at a time

Erotic and sensual massages are a great way to turn the heat up. Exploring each others bodies once more, teasing the erogenous zones while ensuring your explore every inch of your partner will drive them insane. Give your partner one, then ask them to give you a massage in return. Bed Buddies has an extensive range of massage oils, massage candles, and flavoured lubricants for your pleasure. You can guarantee that things certainly won’t stop at just a massage.

5. Try a new sex position

If you cant think of a new position, do a search of the Internet, until you find a sex position you’ve never tried before. Make sure its something you think you both would find stimulating. If you arent sure, include your partner in the search (refer to point one regarding communication). Variety will always be a welcome surprise in a relationship where boredom and routine has set in.

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6. Buy a new couples sex toy

As above in point 5, variety is the spice of life. Adding some new couples toys that you can both enjoy together is a clean and safe way to spice things up in the bedroom. 

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7. Wait for them at home, naked

Imagine surprising your partner so that when they get home they are presented with a romantic dessert, lit candles and… you naked.

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8. Tell them exactly what you want in bed

Catch that moment when you’re both really horny, and whisper in their ear exactly how you feel about what you want him to do to you in bed. Dirty talk is a sure-fire step to get them more aroused and you will be "getting it on” in no time.

9. Get out and about together

A good way to get the sex drive started is to take a walk in a park together. Start with holding hands while you walk, then step it up to stopping for some light cuddling and kissing, and maybe throw in a few erotic fantasies whispered as you walk. By the time you get home, you won’t be thinking about anything but getting your gear off and sharing some intimate time together.

Bed Buddies Happy Couple

Whatever it is that works for you, its better to do something than do nothing. Shake off the routine, make the time, put in the effort, and the rewards will be worth it, trust me.

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