It's Better To Ask For Forgiveness Than Permission

So, you want to buy something new for the man cave… a new collectible, a bigger bar fridge, maybe a pool table? Or maybe your aspirations are bigger... new car, new bike, even a new boat? What ever it is, what will the missus say? You know with any of these purchases you're resigning yourself to at least a few nights/weeks in the dog house don't you. And its not even related to the cost or size of the item you bought, its just a given really.

You know the old saying, “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission” so why not increase your chances of survival by considering a purchase of something for her? Now I hear you all groaning at the thought of having to head to the shops to grab some flowers, perfume or even those dreaded jewelry shops.

So here’s an alternative for you, come on over and have a look at Bed Buddies. While you’re there you can have a bit of a squiz through the almost 4.000 products we stock because Im sure there’s something there you’ve never seen before or something to give you a bit of a chuckle.

And so you can maximise your efforts, go into battle with this pearl of wisdom, the quote "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission" is actually attributed to an American woman, Rear Admiral Grace Hopper who's exact quote in July 1986 was "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission."

Just don't forget your partner every time you want to splurge on something for yourself, as Im sure a few bucks spent with us will save you weeks of time in the dog house, and you may actually get to enjoy the gift of giving too!!!  Come check us out…

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