10 Games To Kick Start Sex With Your Partner

Have you ever been at home with your partner, bored and looking for something new and interesting to do for a few hours? If you don’t have any plans on leaving the house, here are a few ideas for you to have fun together. Remember, keeping a relationship alive isn’t always just about love and passion. You need to keep each other stimulated, and taking the time to engage in playful games with each other is one way to bump up the stimulation.

1. Exchange clothes

A fun way to add some humour to your day is to dress entirely in each other’s clothes, including underwear! The best part is then taking them off each other.

2. Erotic chat

Sit in front of your own laptop, webcam if you have one, and start a conversation as if you were not in the same house. You don’t need to end up having sex on camera, but you can pretend to play with each other as if you were far apart.

3. Doctor and patient

As the doctor you must convince your patient that sex is the cure for whatever ailment they have. Obviously the aim is to find the cure and implement it so the patient survives.

4. Series of 20 sexy questions

Take turns asking each other one sexy question, and reward a correct or good answer by removing one item of clothing, and punish an incorrect or poor answer by putting on one item of clothing. You’ll surprise each other with all sorts of spicy answers.

5. Get tipsy on a little alcohol

Having sex after a couple of drinks that you enjoy is nothing but fun for both of you and you’ll get a great taste of both the alcohol and the sex. Remember, you only need to take the edge off to become more relaxed, not get drunk. Maybe you can experiment with making some cocktails together and trying them out.

6. Massage or body painting

Massage your lover all over your body. Give your partner an erotic massage they will never forget. Use a scented oil from Bed Buddies and rub it all over their entire body.

On the other hand, take off all your clothes and ask your partner to paint your most intimate areas.

7. Read passages from an erotic text and then act out the characters.

Find an online collection of erotic stories, and take turns reading a story. Involve each other physically, touching and kissing as you read.

8. Draw words on their body with your fingers

Then make them guess the words. Then swap roles. Create a list of rewards and punishments for correct and incorrect answers. Make it as spicy as you like.

9. Go shopping at Bed Buddies for your latest toy.

While browsing, talk about how you would use the toy on/with each other. When you’ve chosen, make sure you remember what it is your partner wants you to do with the toy when it arrives!

10. Use your imagination to create something super sexy for you both.

Come on, you can do it. It might sound impossible at first, but rest assured the more often you do it, the easier it will become.

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