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Cock rings are small rings that you place over the penis to prevent blood flow from flowing back down the penis, helping you maintain an erection for longer. There are a variety of designs, shapes and colours, so it important to understand your specific needs before you purchase. They are also called love rings, adjustable cock rings, stamina rings, penis rings, and cock and ball rings.


As they come in all shapes and sizes, the actual fit varies from ring to ring, however the basic principle is that the ring is worn at the base of the penis shaft . There are some varieties that also fit around your testicles to restrict them from contracting during arousal for the primary purpose of delaying ejaculation.

You can also get cock rings that vibrate. These rings have a bullet style vibrator that generally sits on top of the shaft to also provide stimulation to the vagina during use.

Make sure you get the right size, as a cocks ring that is too tight will be uncomfortable and possibly even painful, while a ring that is too loose will not perform the function intended. A visual inspection to ensure that the cock ring is not narrowing the size of your penis in location, or that your penis is not turning blue or red is important. Not sure? An adjustable cock ring might just be the preferred option. Adjustable cock rings allow you to adjust the fit to suit your size.

Cock rings should be applied when your penis is flaccid. A suitable lubricant can help slide it into place. Be careful of the type of lubricant as some don’t react well with toys. A water based lubricant is preferred, and will not only protect your toys, but will prevent irritation to the skin.

When sliding it down your shaft, make sure it sits comfortably at the base of your member.

If you are using the combination cock and ball ring, it is recommended that you gently slip your balls into the ball ring one at a time first, and then insert your flaccid cock through the ring to complete the task.

As described above, a vibrating cock ring performs a two fold function, one to prolong the erection and two, to provide extra vibrating stimulation to the wearer and their partner. Be sure to consider this when looking at the selection of cock rings.


Please always read any instructions that come with any adult products to ensure their safe use. Generally speaking, if a cock ring is sized and fitted correctly, you should be able to wear it for up to 30 minutes. Any longer and prolonged restriction of blood flow can be harmful.


Of course we all want to perform, in the bedroom, and a cock ring helps maintain an erection during sex. A cock and ball ring not only restricts the blood flow in the penis, it also prevents the testicles from contracting thus prolonging the sexual experience. A vibrating ring also offers additional stimulation through vibration to the penis, but also to your partner during penetration. These are all top reasons to consider a cock ring in your bedroom toolkit.