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Have you ever been in the moment with your partner and suddenly run out of steam, or worse still suffered a muscle cramp because of the awkward position or effort that is required to maintain the position? The momentum is lost, and so is the intimacy.

Once upon a time, you just accepted this as part of sex. These days, in a much more liberated world, we find tools and tricks to improve almost every aspect of our lives, so why not our sex lives too? The internet, and movies like Fifty Shades Of Grey have made once taboo subjects such as BDSM and anal sex more of a mainstream norm, and as such the variety and availability of sex toys and sex furniture has increased immensely.

In a world where sexual liberation and exploration are encouraged, adventurous couples are constantly seeking new ways to add excitement and intimacy to their relationships. Among the myriad of options available, sex swings have emerged as a thrilling and enticing accessory that can take intimacy to exhilarating heights. In this collection, we will explore the allure of sex swings, shedding light on their benefits, considerations, and how they can spice up a couple's intimate encounters.

 Door Swing


Sex swings, also known as a love swing, are a part of a collection of sex toys, and more specifically sex furniture designed to improve your sex life, and to assist and enhance your intimate moments so you can reduce the effort, hard work, and increase the pleasure and have extra comfort. They are designed to perform two main functions:

Reduce Physical Strain On Muscles and Joints.

Sex furniture’s main function is to take the strain off your muscles and joints to facilitate longer more pleasurable sex, particularly if positions you once achieved can no longer be managed due to health or physical challenges and restrictions. Imagine you are carrying the weight of your partner, or visa versa, and at the same time trying to stimulate each other through a thrusting motion. There is only so much of this you can maintain before muscles start to ache, and your stamina and performance begin to lag, your level of penetration is compromised, and your ability to remain in the same position becomes a real issue. Sex furniture, and more specifically sex swings, remove the effort required to maintain the position, as the swing itself supports and carries much if not all of your partner’s weight, offering a much longer and more pleasurable experience for both using various sex swing positions. An additional benefit is the ability to use sex swings as restraints for bondage, with hand cuffs and ankle cuffs common on many sex swings.

Increase the sensations and pleasure by experimenting with new positions that previously were not physically achievable for the duration of your intimate time with your partner.

No longer are you required to be a super fit athlete or porn star to maximise you and your partners pleasure. The opportunity to create some variety and anticipation beyond the normal sex positions that may be lacking in your relationship should never be overlooked. New toys in the bedroom, like an adult sex swing, always provide a sense of excitement and anticipation, and the variety of positions available through the use of sex swings far out way the options available for many smaller and simpler toys. That doesn’t mean you can’t use other toys in conjunction with a sex swing, in fact we would encourage it. The use of additional toys such as handcuffs, vibrators, masturbators, a blindfold, whips, anal toys with lube, and many other toys during “swing sex” will only heighten the pleasure.

The flexibility of the increased access to and from your partner, provides vast opportunities to explore positions for both, whether from the front or behind, above and below, or even for a third participant. No longer are a couple's height, weight, or physical impediment an issue when it comes to trying positions that traditionally require much more stamina and endurance.

The Appeal of Sex Swings

Novelty and Adventure:

Sex swings offer an exciting departure from conventional bedroom routines, injecting novelty and adventure into intimate moments. They provide a sense of playfulness and exploration, allowing couples to indulge in their fantasies and experiment with new positions and sensations.

Enhanced Intimacy:

Sharing new experiences with a partner can foster deeper emotional connections. Using a sex swing requires trust and communication, which can lead to increased intimacy and a stronger bond between partners.

Physical Benefits:

Sex swings can reduce strain on joints and muscles, making it an ideal option for those with physical limitations or discomfort during traditional intercourse. The weightlessness provided by the swing allows for more extended and pleasurable sessions without excessive strain.

Deeper Penetration and Sensation:

With the freedom of movement offered by sex swings, partners can achieve angles and depths of penetration that may not be feasible on a flat surface. This can lead to heightened pleasure and more intense orgasms for both parties.

Enhanced Oral Pleasure:

Sex swings can be beneficial for oral sex as well, making it easier for the performing partner to access and explore various erogenous zones with precision and comfort.

Sex Sling


There are three main types of sex swings:


Over the door swings (door jam sex sling) are mounted over a normal closed door. Their biggest advantage is that they are extremely quick and easy to install, so they are great for beginners. There are usually adjustable straps that go over the top of the door that have “stoppers” on the opposite side of the door to hold the swing in place when the door is shut. There is no permanent fixing to walls or ceilings required, so no long term mounting points. They generally offer a simple set of nylon straps to support your partner, including a seat, sometimes with padding, and possibly straps for wrists and ankles. Their biggest downside when it comes the sex door swing, is because they are mounted on a door, that can restrict the motion and also where the other partner can gain access.


A sling is a simple version of a free swing. They are generally mounted either on a freestanding frame (some come with the swing, others require a separate purchase for the sex swing stand frame), which is handy if you are renting and cant drill holes in the ceiling, or they are able to be mounted on an appropriately secured mount on the ceiling. They vary from a full swing in that they are much simpler in design, comprising a sling to support your partners weight and simple black leather straps to hold arms and stirrups for the legs. These have considerably more mobility and access than a door swing, providing a much greater variety of possible positions for “swing sex”.


The top of the line sex swings are generally more expensive than either of the other two, as they incorporate better materials like genuine leather, are more durable and good quality, sturdy design for carrying heavier weights, provide a greater number of positions with due to more options with strap quantities and adjustments, and additional harness connection points. The can also include added features like a padded seat for comfort. These sex position enhancers by far offer the widest range of motion, ability to get the perfect height, and potential different positions to all participants during “swing sex”. Like the sex slings, a sex swing can be suspended from either a frame, or preferably from an appropriately secured ceiling mount point.

No matter which option suits your needs, there are a huge variety of styles, colours, configurations, materials and suspension methods. Once you have identified the space you have, do your research and work out which type of sex swing would best suit your situation. It goes without saying that the best sex swings for your needs can be found at Bed Buddies, and so long as you've identified your needs and your ability to hang or mount your swing, any choice will be a great swing.


When choosing a sex swing for beginners, look for one that is adjustable, easy to install, and made from durable materials. It's also important to consider comfort and safety features such as padded straps and sturdy construction. Start with a basic model before exploring more advanced options.


Proper Installation:

Before using a sex swing, it is crucial to ensure that it is securely installed. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use appropriate mounting hardware to avoid accidents or injuries.

Weight Limitations:

Different sex swings come with varying weight capacities. Make sure to check and adhere to the specified weight limits to ensure safety during use.

Communication and Consent:

As with any new sexual activity, open and honest communication between partners is essential. Discuss boundaries, desires, and any concerns before incorporating a sex swing into your intimate encounters.

Safe Words:

Establishing safe words is vital when trying out adventurous experiences. Safe words allow either partner to halt the action if they feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed.


Sex position enhancers, like sex swings, are well worth the investment when looking at experiencing your next orgasm in the bedroom, and at Bed Buddies we have a range of swings from the basic over the door swing to the deluxe sex swing.

Sex swings represent a delightful blend of playfulness, adventure, and physical pleasure, providing couples with an opportunity to explore their desires and deepen their connections. Embracing new experiences in the bedroom can invigorate long-term relationships and reignite the spark of passion. However, safety and communication are paramount, and couples should ensure they approach sex swings with trust, respect, and consent. When used responsibly and thoughtfully, sex swings can be a thrilling addition to a couple's intimate repertoire, fostering a sense of liberation and excitement that keeps the flame of desire burning bright.