Dongs, Dongs, And More Dongs

227 products

227 products

Dongs, Dongs and more Dongs.

Don't you ever wonder why they are called Dongs?

The urban dictionary defines a dong as a penis. So it makes sense that our dongs look like penises.

And just like penises, dongs come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Some even come with extra features like:

1. a dong with balls - as the name implies, a penis with balls.

2. a dong with a harness ring for attaching to a strap on harness - these come in solid and hollow options, the solid dongs are generally worn by women, while the hollow dongs are generally worn by men so their natural penis can fit inside.

3. a dong with a suction cup - so you can attach it to smooth surfaces if you'd rather not hold it, such as the tiles in the shower, a table etc.

4. a double dong - a double ended dong used usually by two women at the same time.

Generally speaking, as dongs are supposed to simply replicate a penis, a vibrating dong is not a common occurrence and come under the category of vibrator.

This is our range of dongs. They are simple, yet effective. No batteries required.

Just make sure you keep them clean and wash them with a toy cleaner or with warm soapy water before and after use.