Adult Restraints

93 products

93 products

Bondage Restraints for BDSM and Fetish Role Play

The dominant, or dom, and the submissive, or sub, will both enjoy the cool range of adult bondage restraints available from Bed Buddies.

Nothing heightens the sensation of power through dominance more than to see your submissive, or sub, restrained and completely at your mercy.

Bedroom play has never been so adventurous, so its time to experience a new level of sex play with our assortment of premium adult bondage sex toys restraints, all designed to enhance your arousal, sensation, and ultimate pleasure.

Once your submissive is restrained, you can begin to enhance the sensory deprivation and power exchange associated with dominance and submission.

This can include spreader bars to keep them available to you, inflicting pain and sensory overload with nipple clamps, whips and paddles for a good old fashioned spanking, or ball gags and butt plugs to prepare for what's to come. Whatever and however you choose to play, you will be working the master role with your bdsm scenes in no time.

A bdsm relationship can be a mutually fulfilling relationship, and comes in all shapes and sizes, but with the right toys for your bdsm play, you won't want to come back to the real world and real life any time soon.

In particular, using sex toys restraints, and being tied up can actually help build trust between you and your partner. Relinquishing control by allowing your partner to take control of the situation can also create a much needed sense of peace in our ever changing and chaotic world.