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271 products

Buy men’s masturbator fleshlight online

When the urge for pleasure stirs within you, Bed Buddies have something special to soothe it. Made to perfectly fit the male anatomy, our men's masturbators online are a source of unparalleled bliss for the masculine drive. 

Sourced from exciting, innovative product suppliers, the sensations they bring are all about bringing powerful orgasms to your sex life. Our masturbators are designed and engineered with quality materials and novel features, and are something you’ll want to reach for, again and again. 

Their thoughtfully created functions are made to stimulate every inch or your sexuality with a whole variety of sensations. Easy to use and control, the merging of form and function makes for mind-blowing encounters each time you press play and enter into your own personal carnal escape.

The toy that he’ll always enjoy

Whether you’re looking to spice up couples’ play or going solo, these male masturbators take you places. We know just how much the active imagination loves to explore, and we happily oblige it with products that are unlike any other.

Each of our men's sex toys has their own set of in-built characteristics. Just like a car, the buttons and controls you play with give your ride a different feeling - so switching gears is an absolute pleasure. All you need to do is slide in, turn the key, and enjoy the journey as your Bed Buddy takes you from A to bliss in the most pleasurable way possible.


Buy men's fleshlights online for his enjoyment

There may be times when you just can't meet up with your partner, but that doesn’t mean all the fun and games have to stop. Whether you’re doing it long-distance or side by side, giving him the gift of pleasure is something he’ll savour with every use. 

Our items are packed discreetly, so you’re free to send them securely across the world, or pick them up from the convenience of your front door.


The Basics - Using a masturbator / Fleshlight

​A male masturbator or Fleshlight is a masturbation tool that looks somewhat like a flashlight, lined on the inside with various contours to simulate the feel of a real orifice, whether it be a vagina, anus or mouth. It is made from a tool of realistic SuperSkin material, which has been manufactured to feel similar to real flesh, inside a solid case similar to that of a flashlight.

One end the masturbator is shaped like a real human orifice and the inside walls are lined with various contours to create varying sensations - some realistic and some less so, depending on your preference. Get some lube happening on your penis, insert in the orifice and away you go, yes?

There are a few simple tricks can make the entire experience better, longer or more satisfying to ensure that you are getting the very best from your masturbation tool every time you use it, and we thought we would share some for you here.



Warm it up

​While the soft fleshy material of the device feels amazingly realistic, it does lack the temperature of real skin. Warming it up before use can make a massive difference to the sensations you experience, making the whole thing a lot more realistic, which is ultimately what you are wanting. The easiest way to heat the tool is to place the whole item in a clean sink full of hot water for a few minutes beforehand, and guess what, before you can say “moist”, you’re good to go.

Lube it up

​Adding lube is another way to really change the feel of your masturbator. Because of the material used in making internal section of the device, you should only ever use water based lubricants. Other lubes might damage the material so make sure you check before buying. Check out our range of lubricants and massage oils.

​Depending on your own desires and expected level of sensation, you may need to experiment with thicker or thinner lubricants to find one that suits your own personal needs. It can be very difficult to recommend a single lube as everyone will have different preferences but, as a general rule, the more thicker the lube, and the more you use, the lessor the intensity of the contours within the masturbator. `

Cleaning your Device

In order to make your masturbator / Fleshlight last, you need to take care of it. Luckily for you, this is a simple process. Rinse it thoroughly with clean water and leave it out in a warm dry spot until it is completely dry. Do not use soap, turn the tool inside out, or place directly onto a hot surface to attempt to dry it faster, as these can all cause damage to the internal material.

There are products available for cleaning but essentially you can keep your equipment clean and soft by regular cleaning with water.

So, now you have it, the "ins and outs" of masturbation with one of Bed Buddies masturbators. Go and have some fun.

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