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733 products

Curious about BDSM, Kink, Bondage or Fetish?

Here's some basics

We have an impressive range of bondage, kink and fetish sex toys, from adult bed restraints, to swingswhips and paddles, there is something here to satisfy every desire and keep you sexually aroused for hours on end.

What is BDSM?

BDSM is an over arching term used today to refer to a range of consensual sexual roleplay or fetish activities including impact play, bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, submission and dominance. This usually involves an unequal distribution and/or movement of sexual power or power exchange, in a dominant and submissive manner. The "dom" or dominant role is the one who takes control, while the "sub" or submissive role foregoes the responsibilities of control in order to "serve".

The books and subsequent movies around the theme Fifty Shades Of Grey provided a limited glimpse into BDSM, however if you are prepared to do your homework, you will find there are no wild secrets, and that there is so much more to this style of sexual activity. 

BDSM activities can include, but are not limited to, a range fetishes and fulfilment of sexual desires, in many cases utilising various inanimate objects to complete a sexual fantasy. These can include adult bed restraints and other more interesting restraints that restrict select parts of the body such as handcuffsropesgags, blindfolds, swings, and spreader bars, or items that are designed to assert dominance such as whips, paddlesclampscollars and roleplay outfits and costumes.

The level to which people go to with BDSM also varies considerably, from bedroom activities only between two consenting partners, through to regular multiple partner meetups and role play, all the way to fully immersed dominance and submission in every aspect of life, the latter being quite rare but possible. You may or may not be surprised to know that BDSM relationships are more common than you think, and there is quite a large BDSM community here in Australia, you just have to know where to look.

Some of the various types of play / fetish include:

Dom / Sub

Essentially a role play where one partner takes the dominant role, and the other a submissive role. The "dom" or "master" directs the scenarios to which the "sub" or "slave" obeys.

Although this sounds very one sided, it can actually be misleading, as the dom is required to be responsible for the direction, activity and participation in any role play, it could be considered that the dom is in fact serving the sub by taking this responsibility.  Either way, a dom / sub relationship can work very well for those willing to participate.

Impact Play / Fetish

Impact play is the use of force for the purpose of subjecting someone to a consensual "impact", whether it be spanking with a hand, paddle, whip or the like. It is important for you and your partner to understand the acceptable and permitted level of impact prior to commencing this type of play.

Role Play / Fetish

Role play is acting out a sexual fantasy. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do that, if it gives you sexual pleasure and your partner is a willing participate. The role play options are limitless, and Bed Buddies has a range of costumes and fetish wear to help enact your fantasy, as can be seen in our costumes section.

Foot Fetish

A very common fetish, it involves the adoration and worship of feet. Even just the act of touching, massaging, smelling and kissing can be enough to send your foot fetish connoisseur into heaven.

Anal Sex

Once considered a taboo, anal sex has in recent times become more popular, and opened up a range of fetish scenarios and options for the kinksters out there. Bed Buddies has an extensive range of toys in this genre. Take your time to investigate our range of anal devices.

Sensation Play / Fetish

The addition or removal of stimuli can help some people attain a level of sexual arousal that they need to be able to achieve an orgasm. Removing sight via use of a blindfold, hood or mask is one such example, as it tends to heighten other senses such as sound and smell.

Bondage / Restraints

Bondage is the act of restraining someone for the purpose of power exchange in a dominant / submissive context. This is one of the more common forms of BDSM, however it can be quite complex, with the development of techniques such as shibari bondage rope tying. 

Communication is key

Most people find their comfort zone and preferred fetish within the realm of BDSM, all the while remembering that communication is paramount to sustaining a good healthy relationship.

This includes the use of a safe word, which in effect is a STOP or a NO alternative.

Given that sometimes the role play may include these words as part of the roleplay. a safe word is generally a random word that instructs either party that the person using the safe word does not wish to proceed down the current path. The term could be anything from an inanimate object such as a lamp, to a persons name. Be sure to ascertain a mutually understood safe word before proceeding.

Is it for everyone?

Possibly not, however if you have a look through our range, and something catches your eye, then maybe dipping your toe in the BDSM pond may be worth a try.