Glass Sex Toys

24 products

24 products

Glass sex toys are primarily found as glass dildos, and glass butt plugs.

Why Glass You Ask? Well although they don't vibrate, they do have a couple of really handy features.

1. The glass sex toy is allergen free. Yep that's right, allergen free. No need to worry about the material its made of being harmful to your body, as some people can have reactions to other materials.

2. Allows for temperature variations. A glass sex toy can be warmed or cooled to provide a different sensation to that of vibration. Placing your glass sex toy in warm water or ice cold water before use will definitely spice things up for you. If you like it cold, put it in the fridge for a while. You wont get the same experiences from your regular toys.

3. Easy clean. Because there are no porous materials, motors or batteries to worry about, a glass toy is as easy to clean as you can get for a sex toy. Simply wash before and after use with a toy cleaner or warm soapy water.

4. Shapes and Colours. As you can see from our collection photo, glass toys come in many varying shapes and colours. There really are so many options for glass, we have a range that we think you will enjoy.