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Lubricants (lube) are as important to sex as oil to an engine. Using lube during sex or masturbation reduces the possibility of injury through abrasion or tearing, and subsequent discomfort through friction. Reducing this friction increases your chances of maintaining pleasure for longer.

Secondly, lubes are important to help maintain sufficient levels of wetness or lubrication to allow the fun to keep going. So why wouldn’t you keep some in your bedside table for when things heat up?

Thirdly, with the different types of lubes available, you can heighten your pleasure by adding flavours, tingling sensations, and temperature variations. You can also select from a range numbing or relaxing lubes that are particularly good for anal sex.


Lubes aren’t all the same. Depending on your skin sensitivity, whether you intend to use toys during sex, the expected duration the lube is required to perform, even whether you wish to include oral play during sex, you may need to consider different alternatives.

Water-Based Lube:

This is the best all round lube for general use. Its chemical composition makes it more suitable to people who may have sensitive skin and are prone to irritation. Water-based lubricant is the go to companion for use with sex toys as there are no chemicals that may damage the toy. Likewise, water based lubes are generally safe to use with condoms, unless stipulated on the condoms packaging. It is a great option and is safe for masturbation (solo play), vaginal sex, and anal sex, although there are some lubes specifically designed for anal play. The only real drawback to water based lube is that it may need to be reapplied during sex as its viscosity doesn’t last as long as some of the other types.

Silicone Lube:

This is the longest lasting lube available on the market, and being waterproof it sticks around even in the shower. Silicone-based lube may contain chemicals that some people develop skin irritations or allergies to, however it is generally suitable for vaginal sex, anal sex and masturbation. It should never be used with the more realistic feel sex toys, or silicone sex toys, as they may react to the toy material and degrade their “skin feel”. Like water based lubes, silicone lube is generally safe to use with condoms, but check the condom packaging to be sure.

Oil Based Lube:

Probably the least suitable for general use, as it is recommended for use externally only, so no vaginal or anal penetration. Oil-based lube is also not recommended for use with sex toys, unless they are made from glass or metal. Oil-based lubricant is most suited to solo external masturbation.

Anal Lube:

Anal lube can, butt not always, contain a numbing or relaxing gel, however are generally made from similar ingredients to water based or silicone lubes. A desensitising lube that contains the numbing or relaxing get, can help ease some of the potential discomfort associated with anal play. The liquid keeps unwanted friction at bay, and offers a light numbing effect to help keep things comfortable during backdoor exploration. 

Temperature Varying and Tingling Lube;

These types of lubes enhance the sexual experience by heightening sensations with either a warming, cooling or tingling feeling. You should try a small amount dabbed inside your mouth to understand and gauge the level of stimulation before using it on your genitals.

Flavoured Lube:

As the name implies, these come in various flavours and are most specifically for use during foreplay with oral sex. From chocolate to fruits, there are a huge range of flavours to choose from. Generally, these lubes are water based, making them suitable for all types of sex play.

Organic Lube:

These lubes are best suited for use when skin sensitivity is a major factor. There are a wide range of ingredients available in these types of natural lubricant, so it is important to read the packaging to ascertain their suitability before use.

Massage Oil Lube (2 in 1):

As the name implies, these serve a dual purpose, being suitable for use on the entire body as a massage oil, and also as a lubricant. They are similar to oil based lubes that contain ingredients such as aloe vera, and as such you should check the ingredients before applying liberally to any part of the body.

Whichever lube you choose, they are great additions to improve your sexual health, as they are all designed primarily to reduce the discomfort of a lack of lubrication during whatever type of intimate moment you participate in. When you purchase your next toy, consider buying some lube to help improve the experience.