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The best adult sex toys are your bed buddies

The experience of intimate play is a game that involves your body, mind, and all the sensory spots that stimulate them. While each of us has our own unique wiring, the tension and release that comes through sexual play are best discovered with sex toys to enrich the seductive journey. From solo exploration to tantalising couples toys for two, Bed Buddies is an online adult store that brings you the most exciting intimate experiences through our range of adult sex toys online.
Selectively chosen for their orgasmic potential, our range is curated to bring bliss to men, women, and couples, directly from our online store. We’ve scoured the market to find the highest quality, safest designs that are made to answer your body’s every call and desire. Stimulating every known erogenous zone - and any extra that you might discover along the way - our products are primed to bring you ultimate pleasure – every time.

Keep them by your bedside and savour every blissful moment as they meet your body’s every urge and desire.


New adventures to explore and uncover

While the adult toys online sex shop market is saturated with products, none are quite like those that you’ll find in our store. Inspecting every item for safety, quality, and reliability, the engineered sensation produced by our designs keep you purring with exquisite erotic delight. Novelty and versatility are two spices that we love to add into your sex life, so you can expect the pleasurably unexpected from our range. While all of our items are proven pleasers, you’ll also find sensual staples like vibrating dildos, vibrators, lingerie, bondage gear, a range of bdsm and kink items, restraints, spreader bars, cock rings, anal toys, butt plugs and clitoral stimulators, that will make you come with explosive enjoyment under your complete control. We also cater for those looking for something a little more exciting in the area of BDSM and fetish, with bondage gear, restraints and dominant / submissive sex toys available in our fetish section.

The path to exquisite pleasure has no set course, but we’re confident that you’ll find your “spot” with Bed Buddies beside you. Convert your bedroom into the ultimate fun factory.
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Enjoy bedroom bliss when you buy sex toys online.

Your desires might unleash themselves anywhere, anytime. When the tension becomes too much, your body seeks its own release. Bed Buddies can help you achieve it, whenever, and wherever you are.
Our range of sex toys are easily enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, behind closed doors with no need to go out and find adult shops, and we ship every coveted item with fast discreet delivery, so you can savour it with peace of mind.
Many of our products are also small enough to be portable, and make for ideal gifts on special occasions, or when the distance between you and your playmate is just too great. We also have a great range of sex toys for couples.
Our team strives to provide the best products, best prices and best customer service, so if something does go wrong, please feel free to contact us as soon as possible.

A word from our boss - Searching for that Deeper Connection?

What does this actually mean?
You know exactly what it means, you have just forgotten. For so long now you have been living day to day, struggling to get past each challenge life throws at you. We live in a society that is moving so fast, we seem to have lost that sense of belonging.
Connections with people are made on social media, not in person any more. We don't just sit and have a meaningful conversation with our friends and family, its all just become banter typed in messages scattered amongst life.
You, like all of us, are longing for that deeper connection once more.
Amidst all this, you've had moments where you could feel that connection, with yourself, your partner, your family and friends. Moments captured in time. You have felt at peace. You have felt like its all worth it. You have known what its like to let it all go and just be. These moments are rare, and like all of us, you are constantly seeking out your next moment in time, where peace and tranquility reign once more.
I recently sat pondering what I was doing with my life. What is it that I am looking for to make it feel as though I have some purpose, while finding that peace from the rat race. Im sure you've done this before too.
I wanted to go back to my younger days where connections were strong, friendships were bullet proof and things we possessed were treasured and respected because we worked hard for it and valued what we had. I realised in those moments, that I had control. It was me who could make these moments be of value, but it was up to me to make that deeper connection. It was up to me to be at peace, to fill my life with the moments that matter. And so I did.
I know you can do it too. You need to take time out, rest yourself. Be at one with your physical and emotional state, have clarity of purpose and just be. Take time to enjoy who you are. Take time to be selfish and have your needs met. Take time to feel that deeper connection from within.
Sounds familiar? Yes we all took time once. Relive it again, and let Bed Buddies bring these moments to life for you.
Experience the peace, the tranquility, the moments of bliss we all crave, once more.
Unlock the power of the deeper connection using the right gear designed specifically for that purpose.
Bed Buddies can help reconnect you to your inner peace and tranquility, or can help you and your partner ignite the pleasure you are so desperately seeking.

I ask you now, what are you waiting for?