5 Best Sex Toys For Beginners

Bringing toys from Bed Buddies sex shop into the bedroom for the first time can be a challenge, as it can seem very awkward. Be sure to communicate with your partner, and even browse the range of adult sex toys together to get some insight into each others preferences before you buy. It is important to consider that sex toys can help to break up the daily routine that can sometimes create a sense of boredom or repetitiveness in long-term relationships.

Here are 5 adult sex toys that can help re-ignite the spark in the bedroom.

A Bullet Vibrator

It’s small and compact, so can be taken anywhere. Slip it in your toiletries bag if heading away for the weekend. It’s a simple sex toy, nothing complicated, and can be used to stimulate either her or him. Its usually simply powered by a single battery, and generally lasts a long time. One button push on, push off so very simple to use. Such a device is therefore perfect for couples who want to escape the monotony in bed.

Bed Buddies Bullet Vibrator

A Tickler and Blindfold

If you’re not the kinkiest of people in the bedroom, something simple and relatively innocent like a tickler and blindfold are a good combination to start your sex toy games.
Gentle but offering intense sensations, a tickle toy looks and feels nice, and both partners can enjoy the benefits. The blindfold adds a bit of extra sensual stimulation, as the deprivation of sight can intensify the sense of touch.
If you want to spice up the action, add a scarf to tie your hands behind your back, and suddenly the entire situation seems a lot more exciting.

Bed Buddies Bondage Kit

A Bondage Kit

Feeling a little more adventurous? Then a bondage kit is a great addition to any bedroom sex toy collection. There are a range of kits that offer something from beginner to advanced, and there is a wide range of sex toy combinations. An blindfold and some handcuffs or restraints with harnesses are a nice way to bring sex toys into your foreplay without having to sign up for the kink Olympics. You can choose to use them all together, or change it up with only one or two at a time, depending on the kink mood and the time available. Generally speaking, the more expensive the bondage kit, the more it has to offer in terms of product type, quantities and quality. A beginners bondage kit is usually the best option to get started, unless you already know your kink level is much higher and you need more sex toys in your set. Just remember, Bed Buddies offers 20% off all orders over $200, so there a some good savings to be made on the top of the line sets.

Lubricants with flavours or sensations

If you are still feeling a little awkward about sex toys, consider something very sensual like a nice lubricant.
Lubricants come in many varieties these days, including ones that have familiar flavours, or ones a warming sensation, or even ones that double as a massage oil. Any of these can be a great addition to your sex life. Remember to keep it handy in your bedside table.

Bed Buddies Couples Sex Toys

Couples Toys

There are a range of toys designed specifically for use to arouse both partners at the same time. These can include anal toys, vibrating cock rings, couples stimulators and phone app toys just to name a few.

The key to all these sex toys is to remember that you’re adults and already having sex, so a little consensual adventure together never hurt anyone. If you find you aren’t liking it, you can always go back to same same sex, or try something else.

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