How Important is Foreplay For A Satisfying Sex Life

Foreplay definitely has its place in a satisfying sex life. Sure, quickie sex is good but that should be when time is limited. There are so many reasons why foreplay is important, but not just for a satisfying sex life, but a satisfying life with your partner overall.

Sex toys are essential to maximising the effects of stimulation during foreplay, so its important to have a few options ready to go when the time comes.


Improves Communication

Taking the time to communicate with your partner is important in any relationship, but even more important during intimacy. Foreplay gives you the time to communicate with your partner at an intimate level, understanding both your needs and desires. Sharing these things helps understand how and when to push both your boundaries, exploring new frontiers and developing a deeper connection with your partner.

Communicating your desires to explore includes the use of sex toys. Talking about their use, timing of use and expected outcomes are all opportunities to communicate during foreplay.


Helps Us Learn About Ourselves And Our Partner

Time spent on foreplay definitely helps with learning about our own, and our partner’s body, in particular the parts of the body considered erogenous zones. The actual zones, and their sensitivities vary from person to person, so taking the time during foreplay to find and learn about yours and your partners erogenous zones is important. It is so much easier to do this during foreplay than while during sex.

Couples toys that vibrate can help stimulate these zones, as can temperature sensitive toys like glass sex toys.


Prepares Us For The Main Event

By definition, the term ‘foreplay’ is the play that comes before sex.

Foreplay is the sequence of actions and sensations that prepare the body for the main event, heightening your arousal and maximising your chances for complete immersion and a mind blowing orgasms.

Foreplay can also trigger a release of chemicals in our brains, such as oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. These chemicals are known to lower stress by reducing the levels of cortisol, and increases feelings of happiness, affection and a sense of bonding with our partner. All these sensations help prepare us for sex.

Likewise, the increases in physical sensitivity through stimulation of the body during foreplay can increase blood flow to the sexual organs, including the labia, clitoris, nipples, breasts and penis.

In addition to the sensitivity for women, the increased lubrication of the vaginal walls can assist with vaginal penetration making it more pleasurable and preventing pain for both you and your partner. This natural lubrication can be impacted by everyday life, such as stress, medications, and hormonal changes, so taking the time and effort to create natural lubrication will not only help overcome these issues, but will be an enjoyable experience as well.


Creates Variety

The best thing about foreplay is the huge variety of options available to you. Sex is ultimately sex, but foreplay can be so many things, and can literally begin hours before you actually come together. Sexting is a simple form of foreplay, and can begin at any time. The realisation of arousal in public can be extremely erotic and uplifting. Tantalising the imagination with words is an amazing way to kick off any foreplay session.

Kissing and cuddling are the entry level modes of foreplay, until the kissing moves from the lips to the more sensitive parts of the body. Lingerie, erotic massage and role play, including BDSM moves foreplay to the more intense and intimate levels, and can be when the first of many orgasms can cum to the fore.


When it comes to foreplay, the options are almost endless, eliminating the risk of routine sex.

So foreplay is an essential ingredient for not only a satisfying sex life, but a satisfying life with your partner, and as such it is important not to skip it in favour of getting to the main event too soon.



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