How To Satisfy A Woman With Great Oral Sex

Im sure, like me, you want to give and be the best for your partner, right? In any healthy relationship this includes a satisfying sex life for both of you. You both should be happy when giving and receiving pleasure, so knowing how to give great oral sex should be important to you. If you want the best from your girl, you need to want to give the best in return.

An Important Note:

There is no instant recipe that can make you the best man in bed because the process should be learned, and women are not all the same. Without practice, and communication, you will never perfect what it is that pushes your partner over the edge for the most amazing orgasms. Don’t just read this article and other articles, or watch videos without putting what you think you have learnt into motion. Without practice, you will never learn the specific technique that drives your partner wild. Do not be afraid to stuff it up at first because there is always a first time for everyone, and like I said previously, every woman is different. Just remember to be enthusiastic and communicate while you perfect your technique, as part of your partners enjoyment will come from knowing you are into what you are doing.

How to Give Great Oral Sex

The process is relatively simple, you just have to put your tongue on her vagina, reaching her clitoris while moving your finger slowly back and forth with an upward “come here” motion inside her as to reach the g-spot. This will come naturally once you become familiar with your partners vagina and her reactions to your touch. The g-spot can be found along the inner front wall of the vagina, that is the top wall when woman is laying on her back. It's a few inches up, although it varies slightly from person to person. Alternatively, if finding the g-spot and maintaining focus on the clitoris is proving difficult, you can use a vibrator to insert inside her to stimulate the g-spot. Be patient because things will not always happen straight away. It may take some time and effort on your part before your woman can get aroused, however getting her in the mood can be started long before you even get naked. Gentle touch and sexy words beforehand can start the ball rolling.

You tongue should move in fast but in soft flickering motions, not like you are devouring your last meal. Keep in mind that the faster you move, the better the sensation is. Keep this going while changing movements from time to time, and before you know it, your girl will be reaching her mind blowing orgasm.

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Backing off by slowing and removing your finger/vibrator for a minute or two will allow her to enjoy the afterglow effects of the orgasm, while still maintaining a level of arousal that will allow you to start again and help her achieve her second and even more orgasms.

Something to consider:

Many men are concerned about their size, but don’t be, as your skills in bed are more important to guarantee the way to improve how satisfying you are in bed. Just remember, it’s not your size that matters, it’s having the skills needed to provide stimulation to the clitoris and g-spot using what you have that will guarantee a mutually fulfilling sex life.

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