Lingerie - seduction for the senses

The process of seduction is always driven by the senses. Taste, smell, sound, touch, but probably most importantly right at the start comes sight. Lingerie is by design targeted to appeal to the sight senses, for both you and your partner.

Looking fantastic in sexy lingerie always makes a girl feel amazing, whether it be to please her partner, or just to feel great, a perfectly matching lingerie set is sure to ignite levels of confidence that stimulate desires that can only be tamed in the bedroom.

But wait, there's more. Your partner will be literally drooling at the mouth once their sight senses capture a glimpse of your perfectly planned method of seduction.

Bed Buddies has a range of bras n things to appeal to your senses, and drive your partner insane with the anticipation of what's to come. Specially designed to be worn either for an occasion, just under whatever you choose for the day, or lingerie for bed or play time, our range of quality bras, panties, g strings / thongs, are all a perfect fit for your own satisfaction and desires. Visible panty lines are a thing of the past, so stuff your lingerie drawer with these goodies.

Bed Time

The best time of the day for lingerie. Tickle and tantalise your partners senses by appealing to the most common sense for arousal, sight. Add to your seduction a sensory overload with a massage using one of our select range of massage oils, and maybe some dim lights and candles, and before you know it, you will have them eating from the palm of your hand.

The art of seduction is alive and well with Bed Buddies lingerie, lubricants and massage, not to mention the toys for both to play with before, during and after the main event.

Simply choose your style, your size and your colour, and with free shipping, before you know it, your powers of seduction tool kit will be discreetly delivered to your door.

Lingerie Baby Doll

Day Time

Feeling the need for a bit of confidence at work. Nothing kicks off the day better than to feel good wearing a sexy piece under your uniform. Rebel from the restrictions of the work uniform by adding your own taste of individuality underneath, seductively hidden so only you, and those you choose to show, can know what's lurking under your mild mannered outer shell.

Lingerie Bra and Panties set


So when it comes time to go out, what you wear under your dress plays just as an important part of the whole outfit as what is seen on top.

Visible panty lines are a no no, but making sure you are comfortable and feeling amazing are just as important. Be sure to consider a micro thong or women's g string to accompany your chosen outfit for the evening.

Our range of crotchless panties also maintains your style and your element of seduction, with a practicality element thrown in just in case a moment arises.


Bed Buddies also has a range of sexy costumes, designed for role play scenarios that you can act out with your partner. Dont worry, there are some men's ones there too.

So no matter what the occasion, our lingerie collection has its place, and a good assortment of bras and things kept handy for every possible occasion is essential for every woman.


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