Our beginners guide to sex toys has everything you need to know

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Sex Toys

Are you curious about sex toys but not sure where to start? You're not alone. The world of sex toys can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. In this beginner's guide we'll take a closer look at the different types of sex toys available, how they can enhance your sexual experiences and what to look for in terms of quality and convenience . We'll also explore important factors to consider when choosing your first toy, such as size and material. Additionally, we will delve into the role of lubricants and why they are crucial for an enjoyable experience. Whether you're looking for something new to try alone or with a partner, we've got you covered with a breakdown of male and female toys as well as couples' and solo options. Plus, we'll discuss common misconceptions and why embracing sex positivity is essential for healthy relationships. Get ready to explore the exciting world of pleasure!

Exploring the Different Types of Sex Toys

Sex toys vary in shapes, sizes, and materials, offering options like stainless steel, silicone, glass and more. They cater to internal, external and also clitoral stimulation, including suction vibrators and rabbit vibrators. For women some are designed for simultaneous clitoral stimulation and penetrative play, such as bullet and palm vibrators. For Men there are an array of options too. Understanding that there are so many options is crucial for choosing the right toy catered to individual pleasure, by knowing what you want to try or what you already know brings you satisfaction. This knowledge empowers users to make informed decisions, enhancing your intimate experiences.

Dildo: The Classic Choice

The variety of dildos in terms of shapes, sizes, and materials offers a wide range of options. Different surface areas of dildos provide varying stimulation, catering to individual preferences. Dildos are versatile and can enhance both vaginal and anal play, with some featuring a flared base for safe anal use. Proper hygiene and longevity are ensured through regular and thorough cleaning routines. The Dildo is a great classic choice, it can be used for both solo play or introduced into the bedroom when you are with your partner. The dildo is also a very cost effective choice if you are starting out and are not sure if you will enjoy the use of sex toys in the bedroom.

Vibrators: Types and Uses

Vibrators serve a variety of purposes, providing clitoral stimulation, internal pleasure, or both at once. Some are specifically designed for anal play, featuring a flared base for safety. Wand vibrators are known for their long handle and powerful vibrations, while rabbit vibrators offer simultaneous clitoral and penetrative stimulation. Understanding the different types of vibrators available can greatly enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. Now without the need for batteries in sex toys and the ability to USB charge them, I would highly recommend getting a Vibrator, there is something satisfying about getting pleasured when the devise does most of the work for you.

How to Choose Your First Sex Toy?

Considering the different erogenous zones you want to stimulate, the material and size of the toy, and your personal preferences are crucial in choosing the right one. Exploring the world of sex toys can help you find the perfect fit to enhance your sex life. You will also want to consider budget, size, quality of the material When choosing consider its flexibility and design to ensure maximum pleasure. Check if it's rechargeable or uses replaceable batteries for convenience. Some sex toys are waterproof, allowing for easy cleaning and warm water play. Understanding the presence of harmful chemicals is crucial for your health. Ultimately, selecting the best sex toy is a personalised experience tailored to your unique desires and preferences, and as mentioned above you will pay more for re-chargeable but I assure you, you will no regret it.

Importance of Material and Size

When choosing a sex toy, matching the size to your comfort level and pleasure preferences is essential. The material of the toy plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and enhancing sensation. Understanding the surface area of the sex toy can greatly enhance your pleasure. For example if you are interested in trying anal play, and are just a beginner you may want to consider a variety of sizes of butt plug, allowing you to see what you are comfortable with to start. Additionally, considering the flexibility, design, and different materials available can guide you to find the perfect sex toy that best suits your needs and desires. Exploring these options can lead to a more enjoyable and personalized experience.

Understanding the Role of Lubricants

Lubricants play a vital role in reducing friction during sex toy play, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. They can also enhance blood flow and sensations, catering to specific needs such as anal or vaginal play. Understanding the importance of lubricants is essential for enhancing sexual pleasure, making them a great addition to your sex toy experience. Using lubricants during sex toy play is crucial for a variety of reasons. They reduce discomfort and the risk of injury, enhance pleasure and sensation, and ensure safety and comfort during anal penetration. Additionally, some toys require lubrication for optimal performance, making it an essential accessory for a satisfying experience.

Did you know there are different Types of Lubricants?

Understanding the diverse range of lubricants can significantly enhance your experience with sex toys. Water-based lubricants are compatible with all sex toy materials and condoms, while silicone-based lubricants offer long-lasting sensations, perfect for water play. However, oil-based lubricants may not be suitable for all sex toys and condoms. By exploring and selecting the best lubricant for your specific needs, you can elevate your pleasure and maximize the enjoyment of using various sex toys.

A Closer Look at Male Sex Toys

Exploring pleasure and solo play, male masturbators are designed to stimulate the shaft of the penis, targeting nerve endings for heightened sensation. Prostate massagers provide internal stimulation for male pleasure, while cock rings can enhance sensation and duration. Understanding these toys can help penis owners find the best fit for solo play, adding excitement to their own bodies. Exploring male sex toys can be an enriching journey with options like suction vibrators, bullet vibes, finger vibes, and palm vibrators.

Exploring Male Masturbators

Male masturbators offer a variety of sensations with different shapes and sizes. Some models are designed to replicate vaginal, oral, or anal penetration, while others feature internal textures for increased stimulation. Rechargeable options are both convenient and eco-friendly, and some male masturbators come with long handles for ease of use. Exploring the world of male masturbators can help individuals find the perfect fit for their pleasure, considering factors such as nerve endings and shaft of the penis. The different options for male masturbators, Have you heard of a Stroker? Designed to look and feel like a pussy or arse, you can feel like you are inside a someone as they are moulded to feel like her/his insides, but you control the motions and can play solo. Even with a Strocker you have the choice of controlling it yourself or the re-chargeable vibrating option, it just comes down to choice and possibly budget.

Understanding Prostate Massagers

Designed for internal stimulation of the prostate gland, prostate massagers ensure safe and comfortable use with a flared base. They offer simultaneous anal penetration and perineum stimulation, often featuring various vibration patterns and intensity levels. The flexible design allows for optimal positioning and comfort, catering to the diverse needs of penis owners. Prostate massagers play a significant role in exploring male pleasure, enhancing solo play experiences with their innovative and ergonomic designs, they can also be used in couple play.

For the Ladies

Female sex toys cater to a diverse range of preferences, from internal to external stimulation. Wand vibrators are renowned for their powerful vibrations and versatility, providing targeted pleasure to the clitoris. Love eggs are discreet, egg-shaped vibrators designed for vaginal play. These toys come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different preferences.

The amazing Rabbit Vibrators!

If you are going to buy one sex toys to start, a Rabbit Vibrator is the one. Rabbit vibrators have a flexible shaft for customisable positioning and comfort, offering simultaneous clitoral and internal stimulation. Many models feature various vibration patterns and intensities, enhancing pleasure for users. The rechargeable option eliminates the need for batteries, providing convenience and sustainability. This dual-stimulation design caters to individual preferences, stimulating nerve endings to enhance sexual pleasure. The popularity of rabbit vibrators stems from their ability to provide tailored satisfaction, catering to the unique needs of individuals. You can thank us later.

Clitoral Suction Toys: A Revolution in Pleasure

Revolutionizing pleasure, clitoral suction toys use air pulsation technology to mimic the feeling of oral sex and provide focused clitoral stimulation. With variable intensity levels and a palm-sized design for easy handling, these toys offer personalized pleasure discreetly. Nerve endings are tantalized by the unique sensation, and users appreciate the travel-friendly and easy-to-control design. Suction vibrators have become popular among individuals exploring their own bodies and seeking innovative ways to enhance their sexual experiences. The Safisfyer pro is in my opinion the winner in this category, but happy for other suggestions if you try one you like better.

Couples' Toys: Enhancing Intimacy Together

Enhancing intimacy with couples' toys can lead to new and exciting experiences in the bedroom. These toys, such as vibrating cock rings and wand vibrators, are designed for use during penetrative sex or foreplay to enhance pleasure and connection for both partners. With their flexible designs and aim to target nerve endings, couples' toys offer comfortable and versatile use. By exploring these intimate products together, couples have the opportunity to deepen their connection and explore the potential of their own bodies in ways that can bring them closer than ever before. The advantage of almost all Sex Toys they can be used Solo or with a partner for added pleasure.

Benefits of Using Couples’ Sex Toys

Exploring new pleasure points and erogenous zones becomes more exciting with couples' sex toys. These toys stimulate communication and experimentation, enhancing intimacy within relationships. They lead to increased arousal, mutual satisfaction, and enhanced stimulation, adding variety and spice to intimate moments. Using them can alleviate performance pressure, creating a relaxed atmosphere for deeper connections. With the use of couples' sex toys, partners can explore new dimensions of pleasure and intimacy together.

Popular Choices for Couples

When it comes to popular choices for couples, wand vibrators are highly favoured due to their versatile use and powerful stimulation that can be enjoyed by both partners. Additionally, cock rings are a common pick for enhancing male pleasure and prolonging erections, leading to heightened satisfaction during intimate moments. Remote-controlled vibrators also offer an exciting option, allowing partners to share control and pleasure from a distance, adding a new dimension to their intimacy. You could even use one while doing housework at home, while your partner controls it from an app in another room. Couples often find joy in using toys with flexible designs, which enable personalised positioning for a more customized experience. Moreover, many couples' toys are crafted from body-safe materials, ensuring worry-free and pleasurable playtime together.

Anal Play : An Overview

Anal play, involving stimulation of the anal area for pleasure and arousal, can enhance sexual pleasure for individuals of all genders. Beginners should prioritize comfort by starting with small anal toys and ample lubrication. Essential for safe play, anal plugs with flared bases provide security. The world of anal toys offers a variety of shapes, sizes, and flexible designs, catering to diverse preferences and needs. You also have the added variety of materials including Glass Anal Plugs, vibrating anal beads, or metal anal plugs.

Beginners Guide to Butt Plugs

Exploring anal play with butt plugs can add a new dimension to your sexual experiences. These toys, designed for anal insertion and stimulation, provide a sensation of fullness while targeting nerve endings in the anal canal. It's essential to choose a small size butt plug with a tapered tip for comfortable insertion, and always prioritise hygiene with proper cleaning using toy cleaner. Additionally, some butt plugs are made from temperature-responsive materials for added sensual exploration, making them a versatile choice for warm water play.

Thrusters and Anal Beads: What You Need to Know

When exploring anal pleasure, consider how anal beads can provide unique sensations during withdrawal. Thrusters, which simulate the feeling of penetration, can also enhance the experience. Prioritise safety by choosing anal toys with flared bases, and always clean anal beads thoroughly after each use. Opt. for anal toys made of body-safe materials and prioritize hygiene. Remember to incorporate these considerations into your exploration of anal play.

Storing and Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Properly storing sex toys helps prevent the transfer of harmful chemicals. Cleaning after each use is essential for hygiene and maintenance. Ensure sex toys are thoroughly dried before storage and use a silk bag or pouch to prevent damage. Storing them separately prevents material degradation. Following these best practices can enhance the longevity and safety of your sex toys, optimizing your overall experience with them. When storing sex toys, it's important to keep them away from extreme temperatures and ensure they are stored in a clean, dust-free environment. Rechargeable toys should be kept charged to avoid battery damage, and it's essential to store them in a location where they won't be crushed or damaged. Additionally, considering the size and shape of the sex toy when choosing storage options is crucial for maintaining their quality and functionality.

Steps to Clean Your Sex Toys

To maintain the cleanliness of your sex toys, start by using warm water and mild soap for a basic cleanse. Pay particular attention to the surface area of the toy during cleaning to ensure thorough sanitization. Consider employing a specialised toy cleaner for a more intensive cleaning process, especially for toys with intricate designs. In some cases, a damp, soapy cloth might suffice for cleaning. Finally, for toys with complex patterns, a small, soft brush can be used to ensure no residue is left behind. Oh and if it is not waterproof, be careful with it around water.

Online Shopping: Choosing the Right Store

When shopping for sex toys online, it's crucial to research the reputation of the store, ensuring a reliable and discreet experience. Look for detailed product descriptions, discreet packaging, and billing options. Additionally, consider the store's shipping and return policies, as well as customer reviews and ratings for insights into the overall shopping experience. By making informed choices, you can ensure a satisfying and discreet online shopping experience for your new purchase. www.bedbuddies.com.au is a great place to start, we offer free shipping over $75 and you will find one of the cheapest price on all products online.

Understanding Product Reviews

When assessing sex toys, product reviews play a crucial role in gauging their performance. It's essential to consider the credibility of reviewers and focus on insights into durability and functionality. Multiple reviews offer a balanced perspective and assist in making informed purchasing decisions. Whether it's a suction vibrator or a bullet vibe, understanding product reviews can guide users in finding the right fit for their needs, enhancing the exploration of their own bodies and pleasure.

Embracing Sex Positivity with Sex Toys

Embracing the use of sex toys requires debunking common misconceptions and addressing associated stigma, promoting open conversations about sexual health and pleasure. Incorporating sex toys into a healthy sex life can enhance intimacy and pleasure while promoting sexual wellness. By encouraging open conversations, individuals can explore the benefits of sex toys and their role in fostering a positive and fulfilling sexual experience.

Debunking Common Misconceptions

Sex toys are not exclusively for solo use, as they can enhance partnered sexual activities. Using sex toys does not signify dissatisfaction in a relationship; instead, they can add variety and excitement. People with partners can also benefit from the use of sex toys for enhanced pleasure. Sex toys are not unnecessary for a fulfilling sex life; they can stimulate different nerve endings and bring novelty to intimate experiences. Using sex toys does not indicate inadequacy; instead, they can empower individuals to explore their own bodies and preferences.

Are Sex Toys a Healthy Addition to Your Sex Life?

Discover the benefits of incorporating sex toys into your intimate experiences. From exploring pleasure and increasing sexual satisfaction to enhancing communication and intimacy, sex toys can be a positive addition to your sex life. Embrace the opportunity to discover new levels of pleasure and arousal.


In conclusion, exploring and embracing the world of sex toys can lead to enhanced pleasure, intimacy, and self-discovery. From classic choices like dildos to innovative options like rabbit vibrators and clitoral suction toys, there is something for everyone. When choosing your first sex toy, consider factors such as material, size, and personal preferences. Don't forget the importance of using lubricants to enhance comfort and pleasure. Couples can also benefit from incorporating couples' toys into their intimate experiences. Remember to store and clean your sex toys properly for longevity and hygiene. Ultimately, sex toys can be a healthy and empowering addition to your sex life, breaking down barriers and embracing sex positivity.


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