Spice Up Your Bedroom: Top Sex Toys Recommendations

Top Sex Toys Recommendations for a Spicy Bedroom

There is no better way to spice up the bedroom with your partner than to add an assortment of adult toys. In this collection of sex toys for couples, you will find anal toys, cloning kits, pumps, lubricants, restraints and a few novelties.

Technology has come a long way, and so why not use it in the bedroom too. Spicing up your sex life with toys that stimulate through vibration, have remote control functionality, hands free capability, or encourage you to explore new opportunities for arousal, including external stimulation, are just some of the features of the products we have. These toys can enhance foreplay and help both partners reach orgasm, whether they are already satisfied or looking for a little extra something-something.

Worried About What Your Partner Will Think?

Its important to let your partner know that you are keen to keep your sexual relationship alive and kicking and that its also important for you to explore each others intimate desires. The use of sex toys, such as a dildo, with a partner, particularly as part of foreplay, can greatly enhance the overall experience, creating more intimacy between partners and leading to a stronger bond. This is something we are sure your partner will welcome.

Shop Together

Finding a sex toy, or a range of toys, that hits the spot for both your desires is important. Searching for toys should be playful and fun. Talk about what you can do with the toys together for the first time, and if you see something that looks a bit unusual, keep it light hearted and fun. Shopping together for toys can also add excitement and anticipation to your solo play or foreplay.

Bed Buddies extensive range of "toys for both" will stimulate the senses, creating an urgency to get busy exploring how you can both experience more in the bedroom with new sensations. Take the plunge and shop together, as we offer a variety of options for couples to enjoy. With our Best Price guarantee, fast and discreet shipping, and free delivery on all orders over $79, pleasure awaits.

Why Is Foreplay Important?

Foreplay sets the scene for emotional and intimate growth between two people, way before the physical connection even occurs. If you are ready to explore your partners intimate desires, learn to read your partners signals, and what better way to understand what drives your partner wild, than to take your time to explore their erogenous zones and enhance the sexual experience through the act of intercourse.

Foreplay Tips

Foreplay can start long before you even set eyes on each other. Get the ball rolling by communicating in a fun, light hearted way, leaving a cheeky note, or a quick sext message.

Meeting for dinner or drinks is always a good way to move to the next level. Keeping the conversation fresh and light hearted, with soft touches of the hands, kisses on the cheek etc are all going to heighten the anticipation of what's to come.

Oral sex is a very common method of foreplay, however partner play has come a long way with toys designed specifically to stimulate the senses.

Small and discreet remote controlled toys can be an incredible method of foreplay, and a lot less mess than ice cubes, without even getting to the point of touching each other. Add this to a quick passionate kiss in a restaurant, and your partner will be wanting dessert sooner than expected.

Once in the privacy of your own space, foreplay can really take off. Complimenting passionate kisses with gentle touch and the subtle use of toys engages the mind and the body for what is yet to come.

Sex Toys For Couples Sex


Once considered a taboo, anal sex has in recent times become more popular, and has opened up a range of fetish scenarios and options for everyone. Bed Buddies has a range of toys, butt plugs and gadgets to help this fetish along.

Anal Sex Toys


Pumps are designed to draw blood to the immediate area where the pump is being used. For him, a male pump might help get things moving to the next level, but don't let him do it on his own, make it part of the foreplay. Likewise, a female pump can also be used during foreplay to increase sensations, so don't be shy.

Male Pump Sex Toy

Lubricants & Massage

Probably the ultimate in natural sexual arousal, massage is still a go to method to get the juices flowing. If this is something that you do regularly, consider a short course in massage as a couple. Incorporating massage into foreplay can enhance arousal and pleasure, and can also be a great way to introduce new sensations and techniques, such as incorporating internal stimulation and masturbation into the massage. Just imagine the anticipation as you finish your course each time, the race to get home will be frantic.

A sex toy without lubricant can be less than spectacular. Its pretty much essential to have plenty of lubricant available close by, just in case its needed. The anus does not produce its own method of lubricant, so consider it an essential item for foreplay when heading in that direction.


Restraints are not just limited to handcuffs these days. There are an assortment of restraints, including bondage accessories, all designed to heighten the sensations. These include spreader bars, handcuffs, gags, ropes and tapes, swings, collars and leashes, all designed to stimulate the senses. You can keep it simple by using a bullet vibrator, magic wand or even a vibrating cock ring to stimulate your captive. With the right bondage accessories, you and your partner can create an incredible, memorable sexual experience in the realm of foreplay.


What are the Best Adult Toys for Couples?

There are many adult toys designed for couples that can add excitement and intimacy to your relationship. Some popular options include:

1. Vibrating Couples' Rings: These are worn by the man during intercourse and provide vibration for both partners' pleasure.

2. Remote-Controlled Vibrators: Partners can control each other's pleasure with a remote, adding a fun element of surprise.

3. Couple's Massagers: These toys are designed to be used during intercourse to enhance pleasure for both partners simultaneously.

4. Bondage Kits: For those interested in exploring BDSM, bondage kits can provide a safe and exciting way to try new things together.

5. Sensory Play Items: Items like feather ticklers or massage candles can help heighten sensations and build anticipation.


What kind of adult toys do you use?

When it comes to adult toys, the options are vast and cater to diverse preferences. From vibrators and dildos to anal beads and bondage gear, there's something for everyone. It's important to explore and find what suits your desires and comfort level best.

Remember, communication is key when introducing adult toys into your relationship. Make sure you both feel comfortable and have discussed your boundaries and desires beforehand.

When it comes to couples' toys, the market offers a plethora of options catering to diverse preferences and desires. Bed Buddies takes pride in curating a select range of products designed to enhance intimacy and pleasure between partners. From vibrators and massage oils to bondage kits and intimate games, Bed Buddies ensures that couples have access to high-quality and innovative tools to explore their sensuality together. Each product is thoughtfully chosen to promote communication, connection, and shared enjoyment in the bedroom. Whether you're looking to add some excitement to your relationship or deepen your bond with your partner, Bed Buddies has something for every couple looking to spice up their love life.



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