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      159 products

      Novelties & Sex Games - Get Your Game On

      Need something fun for a hens night or bucks party? Do you want to prank a work mate or friend? Or maybe you are just looking for some sex games to add some fun in the bedroom?

      Our collection of naughty games and novelties will be sure to impress. Oh, and they make great gifts too.

      Sex Games

      Games have come along way since the days of spin the bottle.

      One of our best sellers is For The Girls. Hey girl hey. Welcome to a brand new party game from the creators of What Do You Meme? Ditch the dudes for the night because this game is For The Girls! Perfect for: Bachelorette Parties, Girls' Night In, Girls' Night Out, Birthday Parties, Sororities, Pre-games, Reunions, and more! Get prepared for rounds of Truth or Dare, Never Have I Ever, Most Likely To, Best Of The Best, and Rapid Fire!- The new "GIRLS-ONLY" adult party game by the creators of What Do You Meme?

      Check out our latest game called Nightmare Horror Adventures. Your parents rented this house with their best friends during your childhood. You remember it was always a blast.

      The fact that your parents and their friends have died in unusual ways, has strengthened the bond you have with your parents’ friends kids, so you’ve decided to spend a weekend with them at the house.

      Unfortunately, the reason the parents are all dead, has tagged along this weekend…


      The comprehensive range of adult novelties are perfect for any hens night or bucks party. Our hens party ideas and bucks party ideas will have your guests in fits of laughter for hours, with everyone sure to have a great time. If you can think of something to make fun of a penis or boob, then chances are we have it, plus hundreds of others too.

      There are literally hundreds of penis shaped objects, from candles and drink containers, to straws and cutlery. Imagine also have a beer can topper the shape of a boob.

      Shot glasses rate a mention, we have plenty of those too, as well as an assortment of phallic shaped balloons.

      Why not add some sex toys too. Imagine the buck wearing a dildo around his neck, or the hen on her big night wearing a bride to be sash during the hens night games. Don't forget the mother of the bride, she can have a sash too.

      But wait, there's more. Our novelty items and games can be used and played at home, with just your partner and yourself for hours of fun leading up to the main event.

      If you have never played before, now may be the time to get your game on, with our choice range of sex games.