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Probably one of the most overlooked sex toys, nipple clamps and nipple suckers can actually add a lot of extra WOW to any sex play.



Nipple clamps are exactly as they sound, clamps that squeeze or pinch your nipples, or even other bits of sensitive skin.  In principle, a nipple clamps function is to restrict blood flow to the nipple, which creates a sensation that is considered a pleasurable pain stimulation, while also releasing endorphins that when released can elevate any orgasm. You can’t always rely on your partner to be focused on your nipples, or yourself for that matter while in the throws of solo play. I mean you just don’t have that many hands, and lets be honest, there are other things that you and your partner can focus on as a priority. Adjustable nipple clamps are the most common these days, as they allow you to vary the intensity of the clamping effect.



If using adjustable nipple clamps for the first time, start with the nipple clamps as open as possible, and gradually increase the pressure on the nipple. You can always back off or increase the pressure as you go, however the ideal pinch is for you to feel the numbing sensation. When you are ready for a rush of endorphins to accompany your orgasm, release the nipple clamps.

Be careful not to restrict the blood flow too much, or for too long. It is recommended not to have the blood flow restricted for any more than about 15 to 20 minutes.

An interesting fact to note, no matter what gender, all nipples have the same number of sensitive nerve endings, so nipple play isn’t just for a woman’s breast.



Unlike nipple clamps, nipple suckers primary function as a pump, is to create a vacuum around the nipple to suck blood into the nipple to increase sensitivity.



Nipple suckers come in two main styles. The first one is a simple bulb, the second has a twisting mechanism to create the vacuum.

Nipple suckers are so very easy to use.

For the bulb type, you simply squeeze the bulb, place the sucker over the nipple, then release the bulb to create the vacuum.

For the twist type, you simply place the sucker over the nipple and twist the mechanism until the desired vacuum effect is achieved.

In either case, if you are having difficulty achieved a seal around the nipple to create the vacuum, using a small amount of lube will go a long way to helping you achieve the desired vacuum effect.

Be sure at the end of each use, like all other sex toys, make sure the nipple clamps and nipple suckers are cleaned, either with a toy cleaner or warm soapy water. Ensure your nipple clamps and nipple suckers are dry before putting them away.